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Nurse Scrap Metal is Peterborough’s industry-leading scrap metal and electronic recycling center – dedicated to helping reduce waste through extensive recycling services. Since 1954, Nurse Scrap Metal has worked hard and efficiently to provide a variety of services, all aimed at fostering a high level of environmental awareness — as well as striving to keep our world clean.

We now have a second location at 258 County Road 8 in Douro, Ontario. After months of extensive renovations and upgrades to the yard and equipment we are fully OPEN for business! Nurse Scrap Metal purchases all grades of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, Electronics and Scrap Vehicles.

In addition at the new location we have opened a SLM U-Pick Auto Parts yard. Hundreds of vehicles to choose from! For a list of pricing and vehicle inventory go to

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Rail Industry

  • Canada Wide
  • Derailment Cleanup
  • Asset Disposal
  • End of Life Railcar purchasing
  • Process & Marketing
  • Obsolete Rail & Spikes purchasing
  • Car Loading
  • Off Loading or Trans Loading at SLM or anywhere
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All Household Metal Items and Electronics Accepted and Processed at Exceptional Rates

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  • End-of-Life Plane Decommissioning
  • Hangar Teardown
  • Tower and Maintenance Equipment Demolition
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  • Production Scrap Generation Purchasing
  • End-of-Life Machinery Tear Out and Removal
  • Building Demolition
  • General Yard Clean-up and Material Handling
  • Steel Mill Services
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  • Restaurant Tear-out
  • Laundry Retail & Maintenance Obsolete product purchasing
  • Mall (Line Removal, End-of-Life Equipment)
  • Automotive Shops & Retailers
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Agricultural Industry

  • End-of-Life Farm Implements
  • Silo and Barn Demolition
  • Miscellaneous Scrap Metal Clean-up
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Municipal Recycling Facilities


  • Post consumer cans
  • UBC’s
  • All loose ferrous and non ferrous items
  • Tires
  • Obsolete equipment


  • Customs solutions to improve quality and density
  • Roll off service
  • On site material handling
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  • Scrap Metal Handling
  • Processing and Hauling
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Nurse Scrap Metal provides services to a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial, agriculture, transportation and industrial clients.

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Our Services Include:

  • Site clean up and scrap processing
  • Rail Industry - derailment clean ups and car load rebalancing
  • Materials Retrieval - Separate, Sort, Recover, Process, Ship & Sell
  • Car Crushing, Baling, and Shearing
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Tear Outs and Demolition
  • U-Pick Auto Parts - Self Service Auto Parts Facility
  • Transportation Freight Handling
  • Tire Processing, Handling and Hauling
  • 'Mobile' Material Handling, Grading and Sorting

Watch Nurse Scrap Metal Loading the Huron Spirit Barge: