In May 2016, we introduced our new program:


At the end of June and the beginning of Septemeber, we will be holding a charity fundraiser day.  Anybody can come in anytime during that time with their scrap metal and donate the whole load, half, $20.00, a dollar, whatever you want!

Each event is a different local charity that can use support from this amazing community.  At the end of each event we will be hosting a FREE BBQ with cold drinks, a raffle for those who donate (details posted prior to events) and TONS of free Nurse merchandise, there's always something for everyone!  So if you have an old vacuum that's broken, a car that doesn't run, a rusty old BBQ, ANYTHING metal, bring it in and donate it to a Great Cause!

AND If you can't bring it in but want to donate, give us a call, we have a few local guys willing to go pick it up and bring it in :)

To date Nurse Scrap Metal and our Amazing Community has recycled TONS of scrap metal and turned it into $28,186.10 cash for local charities!

If you would like us to crush for your cause just download this form and email it to!

For more details visit us on Facebook or head over to our Crushing For A Cause Website:


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